21st Century Education Is Right At Home In Liberty Park

For most of us, memories of our hometown are often centered on our early school days. That’s why from the very beginning, Liberty Park’s vision was to create a hometown focused on the children who would grow up here, make their best friends here and forge the foundation for their futures here.

Located in the heart of Liberty Park, you’ll find our highly rated Vestavia Hills Liberty Park Elementary and Middle Schools. And while it’s true that your children can walk to school at Liberty Park, we believe it’s what they walk away with that really counts.

Vestavia Hills City Schools’ standardized test scores consistently rank top among all school systems in Alabama, including its four other elementary schools, two middle schools and high school. And even higher for our Liberty Park Schools.

In December, 2015, the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education and Alabama Department of Education ranked Liberty Park Elementary 2nd making it better than 99.7%, of elementary schools in Alabama with a 99.35 in Test Score Average. During the same period, Liberty Park Middle School was ranked 5th making it better than 98.8% of middle schools in the state with a Test Score Average of 98.78

Vestavia Hills prides itself on the quality of its schools, teachers, and educational experiences. As one of Alabama’s most educated communities, Vestavia Hills City Schools’ mission is to ensure that each student is given the opportunity to learn without limits by pursuing knowledge and igniting curiosity about the world.

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