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Every Home Is A New Beginning

Every new home we build is a new beginning for someone. A new community. A new lifestyle. A new group of friends. It’s a change, but a most wonderful change. And because it is all so new, we believe it deserves special care and our undivided attention.

Your home, after all, is a new beginning for you – and for us. We understand that all this newness is a big step forward in your longed-for dream. Our goal at Drummond Built Homes is simple: to make your new home – your new beginning – absolutely wonderful.

A Future of New Traditions

Drummond Built Homes is a new company, founded in 2017 by Liberty Park Joint Venture. While we are new, we are in many ways a well-established company. Our senior leadership team combines over 80 years of experience at many of the top homebuilding companies in America and together we bring a portfolio of awards for both home building excellence and superior customer service. Leading our new company are Shawn Arterburn, who has directed the homebuilding at Liberty Park since 2013 and Shannon Pate, the senior builder for Drummond Built Homes. Their commitment to the excellence of Liberty Park continues as we build the future and the new traditions for Drummond Built Homes.

Founded On A Cherished History

Like many great companies, Drummond Built Homes borrows from the tremendous value of its past. Founded in honor of its uniquely American work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, Drummond Built Homes is named after the founders of the Drummond Company, a respected name that is warmly familiar to many Birmingham families. However, what most people don’t know is that the Drummond Company is not only a global leader in coal production, it is also the developer of Liberty Park.

And this is where the story gets even more interesting.

It begins in 1905 on a small farm and with a mule named Old Tobe. Or rather with Old Tobe’s owner, Heman Edward Drummond. He was a poor farmer in the small Alabama town of Sipsey. But Heman Drummond was not a man poor in spirit nor was he small in dreams. The year was 1935, in the depth of the great depression.

But Heman had an idea – he wanted to own the land he was farming and when nearby land became available, he looked to his faithful mule and then took out a loan for $300 on Old Tobe. Yes, he mortgaged his mule. He bought that piece of land, and with it came the beginning of a dream that has continued for 82 years and nearly four generations.

From These Humble Beginnings

Heman went on to have six children and two of the oldest sons joined their father in growing the Drummond Company. Heman’s family: Garry, Segal, Don, John, Hila Jo, and Barbara all have modeled their father’s strong work ethic and unrelenting perseverance and in 1961, Heman’s third son, Garry Neil Drummond joined his father’s company. He started at the lowest level, as a coal cleaner and then a drill operator. It was

hard and dirty work, but he stuck with it and grew in knowledge as the company grew in scope.

In 1973, Garry Drummond was named Chief Executive Officer of the Drummond Company and for over 40 years he served as the Chairman and CEO, growing the company into a global leader in coal production and real estate.

A Continued Love of the Land

Land was always a valuable asset to Heman, as it was to his company. As the Drummond Company’s success in mining grew, it gained significant land holdings throughout the United States. Land and forestry management became essential operating activities for the company and soon real estate development became a natural extension of the Drummond Company.

Today, the Drummond Company is the sole developer of four master-planned communities, including our own Liberty Park. Together, these communities represent over 6,400 acres, four private golf clubs, five premier 18-hole golf courses and approximately 7,500 homes at completion.

But even more important is the Drummond Company’s enduring commitment to the land and the environment. In the early 1980s, The Drummond Company purchased a nearly 4,000-acre tract of land in Vestavia Hills, near the Birmingham city limits. Due to prior operations, the land had been left unusable. That could have been it and the land could have been left as an investment property but then the Drummond Company stepped in.

Understanding that it all begins with the land, they reclaimed the total land tract by investing heavily in sound environmental practices and innovative ideas. Once the land was reclaimed and restored to premium condition, they then transformed it to its natural beauty before the Liberty Park community planning began.

That commitment continues in every Drummond Company community. One tour of Liberty Park and you’ll see the care and attention dedicated to ensuring the land and natural environment is always protected with the respect and love Heman would appreciate and with the highest quality that Garry Drummond always insisted on.

Drummond Built Homes, Only at Liberty Park

Following in the tradition of the Drummond Company’s values, Drummond Built Homes is exclusively dedicated to Liberty Park. Our time and attention is not divided. And our only mission is your complete satisfaction. Because here is where we see the results of our work every day. We see it in the harmony of the architecture, the beauty of the streetscapes and, most importantly, in the smiles of our homeowners.

And since our sole focus is on building the finest and most beautiful home for you at Liberty Park, we know we have to be the best at a broad range of architectural styles, the newest interior designs, residential construction science, energy efficiency techniques and proven quality. That bears repeating. Quality is the foundation for everything we do, for every design we create and for every home we build.

We believe your new beginning deserves that.