Resident Reflection with Jan Walsh!

When I found out that Jan Walsh, founder of and partner with the Alabama State Bar for &, has lived here for 16 years, I had to get her reflections on Liberty Park.
This incredibly talented woman told me how special her home in Liberty Park is to her. She and her husband, Dr. Kevin Walsh, live behind the gates on three acres with their two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Their home is not only their sanctuary, but also includes separate home offices for both of her businesses. Jan says, “I love being able to work at home with my dogs, and my team can meet remotely! It is the perfect life for me. The kids are all grown and gone, but this place is our passion. We have had 16 years for it to evolve to being just for us. Now the space is ours, it is fun to enjoy it for ourselves.” She has traveled the world but would rather be home than anywhere else in the world. Jan shared that was launched in 2007 from her Liberty Park home while watching the sun come up, and now she is on the third version of the website, and back up watching the sunrise!
When talking about the day to day life in the LP, over the last 16 years, Jan has watched the retail space evolve from the basics into the Pig, the bank, nail shop, dry cleaners, doctors, dentists, restaurants, physical therapy business and more. She says, “Liberty Park is its own little community, where we eat, live and shop.” Jan did let me know that a service station and an Organic Veggie Co-op with a delivery spot in Liberty Park would be the icing on the cake!
Since Jan is a Food and Wine writer, I couldn’t help but ask for some restaurant suggestions a short drive from Liberty Park. Jan said, “We have so many back roads that we can be anywhere in a flash. Everyone who lives here learns the routes, and we can be anywhere in 20 minutes. The Summit has Primeaux Cheese and Vino, Seasons 52, Flip Burger, and Village Tavern. Past Lake Purdy and down 119 there is Bellini’s, The Melting Pot, Jim ‘N Nick’s, and Revolve Kitchen and Brew. Cahaba Heights has Satterfield’s and of course we have Taziki’s and Billy’s right here!”
A huge thank you to Jan Walsh for giving us so much of her time. But what else would we expect of a woman that is so hospitable that she let the deliveryman take refuge during the tornadoes of 2011 (when he was delivering wine to be reviewed!)?