Liberty Park Bonus Rooms by B-Metro

'A mini treehouse is an unexpected addition to the loft in The Miner in Forest Hills.'
'The wine room in The Lowrey in Heritage Hills is located directly off the kitchen and features a custom-fitted wine cooler.''The kids' bonus room in The Essex in The Hill makes for a great playroom, but it would also work as a craft room.''Take a look inside The Miner's indoor treehouse!'

A house really becomes a home once it embodies a family’s day-to-day lifestyle. When a home has an extra “bonus” room, we love seeing how each family makes it their own. Here are three of our favorite bonus rooms designed by Erin Dunavant of SWAG Home Staging & Design in the Liberty Park neighborhood.

1) The Miner in Forest Hills
This neighborhood draws in a lot of local families with young kids and grandkids, and the imaginative tree house in this bonus loft space is a kids’ paradise. They’ll have a blast playing pretend as pirates above the waves or explorers on a jungle safari, and after a day of adventure, we think Mom will enjoy using it as a place to get away and read in peace.

2) The Lowrey in Heritage Hills
The adults of the home deserve a little fun too, don’t you think? Behind this handcrafted barn door hides a fully-furnished wine room, complete with roll-out wine racks and a custom-fitted wine chiller. We’re not sure how many people this room holds, but we have a feeling you’ll find out pretty quickly once you stock the bar with all your favorites.

3) The Essex in The Hill
Kids will be kids, and this bonus room boasts a whimsical ice cream theme to let their imaginations run wild. The room is tucked behind Jack and Jill bedrooms and looks just like a closet entrance (so you can shut the door on any mess), and features chalkboard paint for your little artists to show off their talents.

Does your home have a bonus space—if so, how does your family use it? Take a closer look at other rooms in these three homes by visiting and learn more about Liberty Park at