Fall Outdoor Entertaining

As temperatures fall from the hot heat of summer to the cooler temperatures of fall, it’s the perfect time in the deep South to entertain outdoors.  Whether it’s a football gathering or an evening supper, take the time to invite friends and family over to enjoy a laid-back, no-frills, inspired dinner party.  We’ve collected a few tips and short-cuts from the pros on entertaining a (small) crowd outdoors. 

At LearnVest, author Libby Kane suggests these 10 Dinner Party Shortcuts From the Pros.  Some of the recommended highlights are:

Freeze Drinks Ahead of Time.  When planning ideas for a signature cocktail, why not go ahead and freeze the mixture ahead of time, take out when ready to serve and add alcohol. 

Use Dishtowels as Napkins.  When paper napkins simply just don’t set the mood.

Make the Most of Trays.  Even if you have a convenient outdoor kitchen, get creative with trays!

How are you preparing your outdoor party food and drinks?  The Better Homes & Gardens blog recommends utilizing trays, buckets, baskets and more!  Click on each link to read more about how to make the most of your outdoor serveware.

Meals on Trays: carry plates, bowels, utensils and condiments.

Small Drink Bucket: Don’t carry around a heavy cooler! Use a metal bucket.

Labeled Plastic Buckets: Of course, labels!  Organize your baskets to get ready to be on the go!

Deep Tray With Ice: Cut Fruit, put ice in tray and serve.

Storage Cube for Drinks: Storage cubes are handy in more ways than one.

Don’t forget to freeze drinks ahead of time and use frozen grapes and berries to chill drinks and your guests will be cool and relaxed!  Enjoy the season!