The Gracious Guest

Summer is in full swing and as your social calendar fills up your remaining weekends with invitations to parties, lake houses and beach houses, don’t forget to go shopping for your host. 

You’ve packed up the family, you’re in the car ready to drive to your destination, but WAIT— you can’t show up empty-handed! Whether it’s an old friend or family, it’s always the thought that counts.  If you’re at a loss for an appropriate gift for your host or hostess, take a peek at some of these tips from Elle Décor. 

It’s the ultimate guide to gifting with “Dos and Don’ts” for the summer traveler.

DO pick up something extra for the hostess if your main gift is for the family. 

DON’T forget that a gift is a reflection of your style.

DO let hostess gifts take the pressure off big holiday gifts.

DON’T bring gifts that require immediate action or accessories.

DO stockpile throughout the year.

DO think outside the traditional box.

DON’T feel like it has to be a surprise.

DO think local when it comes to crowd-pleasing.

But DON’T be bound by geography.

DO steal some of Beauchamp’s favorite innovative gift ideas. 

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Visit the site and go shopping today, so you won’t be caught without a “thank you” for your host.