Community Spotlight: Deborah Stone

Deborah Stone comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. The Bland & Bland grocery chain? Her family. Day spas? Deborah was one of the first in the nation to start one. It should come as no surprise then, that when she and husband Russell sold her spa and bought a family farm in Harpersville, Ala., it inevitably turned into a business venture. Well, a decade later Stone Hollow Farmstead is home to a number of businesses, including Hanoverian-style horse stables, Stone Hollow Creamery and Cannery, Botanikõ Skin, and more.

Just last month Deborah opened Stone Hollow Pantry in Cahaba Heights (across from Satterfield’s), offering the Cannery’s jams, preserves, syrups, and oils, in addition to fresh chèvre, goat cheesecakes, and more. The shop is also home to The Kitchen by Stone Hollow, which serves “real food” to go, with a diverse menu that includes fresh, local ingredients and others that are more exotic, yet still sustainable. (Ostrich, for example!)

We sat down with Deborah to find out what exactly drew her family to our community and what’s kept her here. It seems that Liberty Park offered the perfect balance of open spaces and serenity to match her deep Southern roots without giving up quick access to the city and all its amenities. We hope you’ll support your fellow Liberty Parker by picking up some goat cheese at the Pig or Whole Foods, or by visiting The Pantry in Cahaba Heights.

Six Questions with Deborah Stone

Liberty Park: Why Liberty Park?
Deborah Stone: I wanted to move to the farm, but Russell didn’t want to fight the traffic coming in every morning. Liberty Park offered beautiful woodlands available in acres. I felt like we were out of the city, Russ could manage the drive, and the farm was still close enough for me to drive every day taking the Grants Mill route. It was the perfect choice for our lifestyle.

LP: How long have you and Russell lived in Liberty Park?
DS: We moved into our home in 2000, so 12 years.

LP: Do you have any pets at home? (Besides the ones at the farm.)
DS: Unfortunately we lost our beloved Great Dane, Glamour Girl, last year. But she lived at Liberty Park for 10 years! Alex, our daughter, has a Pomeranian named Harley.

LP: Where in the community do you live?
DS: We live in the Kings Mountain area.

LP: What are your favorite features of Liberty Park?
DS: Well, I have an unusual lifestyle, but I love coming home in the evening and finding little peeps and their lemonade stands set up and ready for business. I guess it speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit in me. The response when you pay double always makes me smile! Russell loves the golf course and the men’s grill. Our grand-babies love the pool at the club and the tennis courts. The park is also a fun spot when the grand-babies are visiting.

LP: How is the commute from Liberty Park to areas around town?
DS: It takes me about 12 minutes to get to the Pantry and about 25-30 to the farm. Depending on the time of day, you can get downtown in 20-30 minutes.

Check out Deborah Stone’s latest venture, Stone Hollow Pantry & Kitchen in Cahaba Heights (click here for menu).